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Inaugurated in 1992 by Friends of Catholic Education, the Fr. John McElroy Award is given annually to recognize individuals whose actions or achievements have advanced Catholic school education throughout Frederick County, Maryland. The award itself was designed by our friend and local artist, Yemi. It features a stained-glass painting of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, looking over His flock of Catholic school students.  Highlighting the plaque is a brass plate with the recipient's name.  The award is presented at our annual Fr. John McElroy Award Dinner and Ceremony in October.

Fr. John McElroy Award Winners


Lynne Phelan Robinson

Wayne Matthews


Karen Smith


Pat Crowley


Elizabeth Monahan and John Dowling


Bill Ballantyne

2017 Pam Zusi and Al Edwards
2016 W. Jerome Offutt and Dr. Carol Hinds
2015 Dr. Thomas Powell and Rev. Larry Frazier
2014 George and Bettie Delaplaine
2013 Gregory Harraka and Joseph Welty
2012 Mark Matan and Sister Margaret Bauer, SSND
2001 Michael John McGowan
2010 Peter Plamondon, Sr.
2009 David M. Grove
2008 His Eminence William Cardinal Keeler
2007 Dr. Bernadette Emerson
2006 Dr. Jack Campbell and Sister Mary Catherine Conway
2005 Rev. Keith Boisvert and Mr. James N. Plamondon
2004 William J. Mohan
2003 George R. Houston, Jr., President Emeritus,
Mount Saint Mary's College and Seminary
2002 Mother Marguerite Therese Leary, VHM
2001 James A. Merkel and George H. Williams
2000 Leo J. Rocca
1999 Dolores R. Poindexter
1998 Robert P. Lapointe
1997 Daniel S. Haynos
1996 Rev. Paul Dolan
1995 Bernard L. Grove
1994 Rev. George B. Reid and Marian and James McSherry
1993 Msgr. Edward V. Echle and Mr. Dewey Jordan
1992 Mrs. Alice Nallin, Mrs. Virginia Grove, and Mr. and Mrs. Linwood T Offutt, Sr.